Thursday, September 23, 2010

Week 4 - Even a blind squirrel finds a nut...

and can probably pick up a single pin spare but Ryan can't. Week 4 started off with the promise of another great week for the Llama Chasers. Ryan started out with a strong 204, Tom rolled a dead on average 199, and the rest of the team bowled around average and we won the first game. Oh and Kevin missed the first game because he put his job ahead of the Llama Chasers, which is silly!! That is when the wheels fell off on the Llama train thanks to Brandon and even more so Ryan. I once played in a pick-up basketball league and I called out one of the fellow ballers for not performing well. To protect his identity we will call him Devin Bromet. I e-mailed a question to the fellow basketbal guys and asked "Who would you rather have on your team? A. Devin Bromet B. A Blind Man C. A man with no arms D. A Midget E. Christopher Reeves(before he passed away)" That poll ended I think with no one picking Devin and several votes for a paralyzed Superman. If I asked my fellow bowlers that question Monday night for games 2 and 3 and replaced Devin's name with mine I assure you they would have picked a paralyzed, blind midget with no arm's before me. I did have 5 strikes but the problem was the 5 opens with 4 of them on single pin spare misses which led to a 158. Doesn't sound to terrible until you find out we lost the game by 3 pins. Brandon gets to share some of the blame as well with his very near skirt 135 including an open in the 10th. The two of us wasted a nice 212 game from Tom and and very impressive clean game 247 from Brick, which included his 6th Llama of the year. Kevin also missed game 2 so he really is to blame for our 3 pin loss. Ryan continued his struggles in the 3rd game with 4 more opens and almost gave the Llamas their first skirt on the year but ended with a 148, 5 pins over his skirt average. Kevin finally showed up and bowled a 182 and Brick was solid again with a 212. But with Ryan's 148, Brandon's 156 and Tom's 154, we got smoked and ended up a very dissapointing 2-5 on the night bringing our overall record to 16-12. One last story before we go. A story the lady's will call romantic and I call gay. As I mentioned last week we got a new deck of cards that have some young ladies wearing little or maybe no clothing. Well after bowling a strike one Llama picked up a card(picture to the right). After looking at the card he said "I love you, but not as much as my girlfriend/wife." Maybe the least manly thing ever said at the bowling table which is saying a lot especially with Tom on the team the last 10 years.

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