Thursday, September 30, 2010

Week 5 - Llama Chaser History

If you weren’t out at the lanes to see the Llama Chasers this past week you missed a lot! Let’s start with the foundation of the Llama Chasers, you all know the foundation of this team is made out of Brick. Brick continued his dominance on the Freeway Lanes with an astounding 236, 241, 235 for a 712 series. This included 2 clean games, 2 llamas, and just 1 open in 3 games. He could have had the first ever triplicate patch in Llama Chaser history had he just managed his end game better. The bad news is Brick bowled a 700 and we still lost all 3 games and lost total pins by over 265 pins. Andy filled in for Brandon this week. Brandon had an unexcused absence to Disney World, which is not on the approved reasons to miss bowling unless your name is Ryan. Andy bowled well the first 2 games with a 193 and 190 but then dropped to 158. He also bowled a Llama in his first week, something Kevin has not been able to do in 5 weeks. Kevin, you do know we are the Llama Chasers right? Do you understand we are chasing Llamas, meaning we are trying to get 4 strikes in a row? Does any of this ring a bell? Kevin bowled slightly below average on the night with a 169,179,178 – 526 series. But it is with Ryan and Tom that the night got interesting. I had 2 plans on this evening…One was to make Sheila, from our Facebook fan page, wish come true and the second I will get to in a minute. That’s right Llama Chaser Nation with a horrendous 137 game one, Ryan became the first Lady Llama of the year. I hope you are happy Sheila. And as Captain and Tennille used to sing “Do that to me one more time, once is never enough with a man like you” Ryan again bowled a 137 and was in the skirt for another game. But this time he had company with…Tom!!! Raging with jealousy from all the attention Ryan’s sexy legs were getting from the men in the league Tom bowled an embarrassing low 134 which included 5 non-split opens. As you can see in the picture(below) pink is a really nice color for Tom. As I mentioned I had 2 goals on the night, the second one was really unique. We happened to be bowling a team named Tops and Bottoms. Well Tops and Bottoms happens to be a new “Gentleman’s Club” in town. The past few weeks they have passed out flyers with some fine African-American “dancers” scantily clad on them. I thought it couldn’t hurt to earn a few extra bucks a night or two a week so rather than concern myself with bowling I was auditioning for a job. I couldn’t just say to my team “I wanna wear the skirt tonight.” So I did what any man would do and tanked this week. You know the saying “Do what ya gotta do, to get what ya got.” Unfortunately I don’t even think the men on Tops and Bottoms noticed me especially when that tramp Tom showed up in a skirt. But now onto Llama Chaser History…I mentioned Brick couldn't manage his end game, well Ryan can!! That's right you guessed it 137, 137, 137. A TRIPLICATE for the first time in Llama Chaser history!!! I will be awaiting my patch, which I will proudly sew on. I hate to quote my lyrics again but in the ultimate “Do what ya gotta do, to get what you got” moment I did what I had to do. I entered the 10th frame with a 127 needing 10 pins for the 137. Well I bowled a first ball strike so I now had 2 balls left that I needed zeros on. Suddenly I had an enormous pain shoot through my wrist (allegedly) and the first ball shot right into the gutter, then barely being able to grab the ball I tried my best to fight through the pain but this ball also shot into the gutter…it almost looked intentional. So in the ultimate turning of a negative night on the lanes into a positive Ryan bowled the first every Triplicate and I think for the second time in team history he will be wearing the skirt for 3 consecutive games(I think Tom did it the first time). We lost 7 and now are 16-19 on the season, expect a big bounce back next week and enjoy the ladies below!!
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