Friday, October 29, 2010

Week 9 - The Cat in the Hat

Week 9; could it get any worse?
Maybe the Llamas would break the curse.

Let's rewind to week 8
and to the recap that upset Nate

To hurt anyone's feelings is not my aim
But I have to be creative so these recaps aren't lame

Yelling at Ryan, Brick broke loose
Said I make things up; Called me Dr. Seuss

That is why at this time
I will do the recap all in rhyme

Game 1 we needed a win
We've taken so many on the chin

Tom started with 7 spares in a row
The Llamas call that a donkey if you didn't know

Brandon went turkey, 6 spares, and another turkey in the 10th frame
That equaled a 217 and an excellent clean game

Kevin bowled a 171; under average by two
Said he will miss next week. Why? No one knew.

Ryan, worried about the recap drama.
Was still focused, bowled 200 with a Llama

Brick, Brick, Brick, Brick, Brick
Should I put this behind us or be a d!ck?

Just one last thing I need to say
To get that upset was kind of gay

Brick bowled a 200, which tied his BFF Ry
“Friends stay together”, what a good guy

Llama Chasers win game one
But Llama Chaser Nation we weren't done

Game 2 Tom, Ryan, and Brick all bowled pretty good,
You're probably wondering if Brandon and Kevin would

Well Kevin struggled pretty bad
Just over skirt average by a tad

But Brandon shot a stellar 225
Keeping our winning streak alive

Game 3 was not much fun
3 Llamas well under average, we were done!

Ryan and Brick bowled great
It is Brandon, Kevin, and Tom you should hate

All under average by more than 30 pins
Makes it very difficult to get wins

Yes, the loss in Game 3 certainly hurt
But the good news is next week Tom is in the skirt

I will tell you more next week why Kevin is out
But boy it is gay; there is no doubt

So 5-2 on the night and 25-38 on the year,
We're still fighting fans, I swear!

My try at Dr. Seuss has come to an end
I assure you this will not be a trend.

My brain hurts from trying to rhyme
So I will leave you at this time

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