Monday, December 13, 2010

Week 15 - Giant Killers

With the 1st half of the season winding down and the Llama Chasers mathematically eliminated from first place it is time for us each to work on our game and prepare for a second half run. Well that and knock the 1st place team into 2nd. As the title "Giant Killers" suggests we were playing the 1st place team who just needed to go 4-3 on the night to lock up the 1st half championship. Well not on our watch the Llama Chasers said!! We came rolling out of the gate, Ryan bowled a Llama and clean game 226, his best game in a long time. Brick, locked in his worse slump ever, also bowled a Llama and clean game 248, Kevin finished strong with a Super Llama which gave him a 194. Tom bowled a solid 182. You will notice I left out Brandon. Brandon decided to spend time with the Lord on Monday night, which is of course not on the acceptable reasons to miss bowling. If I am not mistaken I think skipping bowling to attend a religious event might be one of the 7 deadly sins. We won the 1st game by over 100 pins. Game 2 was not so good, Ryan was the only one over average and we actually lost game 2 by more pins then we had won game 1. As Game 3 began we could see the buckets of champagne being rolled in for a victory celebration but as I mentioned the Llama Chasers would have no celebrating on our lanes. Behind a 192 from Kevin, a 185 from Ryan, and strong finishes from Brick and Tom we won Game 3 and went 5-2 on the night. With only our pride to play for we beat the 1st place team and left them needing to win next week to avoid dropping into 2nd. That runs our 1st half record to 53-52 with only 1 week left. Please join us for our BIG Llama Chaser Christmas Extravaganza on Monday, December 20th at 6:30 at the Freeway Lanes. We will be giving away prizes for best Llama Chaser fan, best Llama call, and sexiest Llama Chaser groupie. See you then!

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