Monday, December 6, 2010

Week 14 - The Fan

In 1996 an awesome movie(actually it kind of sucked) called “The Fan” starring Wesley Snipes and Robert Deniro hit the theaters. Here is a quick plot summary for “The Fan”; "Three-times MVP baseball player Bobby Rayburn joins San Fransisco Giants, and obsessive fan, whose profession is selling hunting knives, Gil Renard is excited over that. But Rayburn plays the worst season of his career and Renard tries to do everything to help him, but goes too far." Well this week the Llama Chasers were bowling against one of their biggest fans, the plot goes something like this…Perennial Shorehaven Men’s League contender the Llama Chasers preparing for another great season, and obsessive fan, whose profession is on-field host for the Captains, Grover is excited about this years Llama Chasers. But the Llama Chasers started to struggle in the first half and Grover tries everything to help them, but goes to far…ummm well not exactly. This week we happened to be bowling OBGYPin and one of the great fans of the Llama Chasers is OBGYPin bowler Grover. Gil Renards character in “The Fan” tried to kill Bobby Rayburn but was unsuccessful. Renard was the knife salesman in the movie, Grover and crew ironically drove the dagger into “The Year of the Llama.” I only wish this story played out more like the movie “Misery” and Brick would be “hobbled” with the sledgehammer. Not really but it is a fun thought and at this point it really couldn't hurt his bowling game.

Just a quick rundown of how we let “The Year of the Llama” get slaughtered. First of all, Tom didn’t show up again. Who takes a 2 week vacation midseason I ask? We did have talks with OBGYPin trading us Grover for Tom but as of right now it is still in the discussion phase. Ryan started game 1 in the skirt because of his stellar 119 in the prior week. And Brick was nice enough to bring in a brand new skirt which I think he spent a few weeks working on. Take a look at the picture…Yes, Llama Chaser Nation I am a sexy beast! I bowled a 183, 165, 165 – 513 series. Kevin coming off a big week took a few steps back with a 146, 157, 192 – 495 series. Brandon was the lone bright spot on this night with a 172, 201, 227 – 600 series. But he is still looking for his first Llama since he was given his Llama last week. Now let’s move onto Brick. Brick made the lovely black skirt with Ryan in mind, even holding onto it until Ryan bowled bad enough to get into it. He was giddy with excitement when he showed up and I had to wear it…the best part is he had to wear it next!! With an embarrassingly low 130 Brick was lucky enough to drop his pants (which in did right at our table) and put on the skirt. He doesn’t quite fill it out like I do, but I wouldn’t kick him out of bed! Brick went 130, 159, 189 – 478 series. Brick’s worst series in years and it continues his worst stretch of bowling maybe ever. This all added up to 0-7 on the night. Don’t fret Llama Chaser Nation when I say “The Year of the Llama” is over I am only talking about the 1st half of the season. We will take the next few weeks to right this ship and be ready for a strong second half run. See you on the lanes…

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