Monday, November 29, 2010

Week 13 - 406

All the sports fans in Llama Chaser Nation likely recognize that number, if not adding a period in front of it .406 might help. This is of course one of sport’s magic numbers. In 1941 Ted Williams batted .406 which set the all-time record for batting average in a season, a record which still stands today 69 years later. Because of that as well as his 2 triple crowns and over 500 home runs Ted Williams is considered on of the greatest baseball players of all-time. Why am I mentioning this, you ask? Well in week 13 I(Ryan) decided to take a run at Ted Williams 69 year old record and ladies and gentleman I did it…in bowling of course. 3 games 120, 167, 119 – 406. Ryan was quoted as saying "The lanes were tough out there tonight but I just went out there and did what I had to do to get what I got," As I sat there expecting congratulations and praise I was instead ridiculed and laughed at. Brandon stared at the 406 and giggled in disbelief and Kevin and Brick smiled and laughed as well. I was also lucky enough to qualify for the skirt not only once but twice. The good news is we actually won the 2 games I bowled 120 and 119 in. I would like to say it was because Tom, Brick, Brandon and Kevin picked me up but that wouldn’t be entirely true. Tom, didn’t even show up. He had the audacity to schedule a family vacation during the bowling season which is really unprofessional. Do you think Derek Jeter or Kobe Bryant would schedule a vacation mid-season? I didn’t think so. Brick and Brandon didn’t quite struggle like me but they weren’t exactly reminding anyone of Walter Ray Williams Jr. out on the lanes. Brandon bowled 170, 141, 156 – 467 series. The Great Houdini of the Hardwood, I mean Brick, was up to his old tricks again needing a mark in the 10th frame of the second game to avoid the skirt. He got a spare and finished with a 159, just 2 pins over his skirt average. He bowled an underwhelming 542 series. Now let’s talk about the 1 bowler who did show up tonight, Kevin! Kevin single handedly kept The Year of the Llama alive!! While his teammates struggled Kevin bowled 211, 165, 211 – 587 series. So with Ryan, Brandon, and Brick all bowling under average all 3 games Kevin willed us to 2 wins and a 5-2 record on the night and we are now 48-43 on the year. We are an amazing 28-7 over or last 5 weeks!!! In other exciting news Super Llama Geppetto gave birth to a handsome young Llama that was presented to Brandon at the beginning of the night. Brandon will soon be naming his Llama and coming up with an outfit. This officially makes Brandon a Llama Chaser and much like the Bloods and Crips there is only one way out now!

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