Monday, November 22, 2010

Week 12 - The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

What a roller coaster this season has been and the wild ride continued this week. Let's start with the good...Game one started out slow and it looked like we were in some serious trouble. Tom and Brandon were struggling, Tom had 78 in the 6th frame and Brandon had 72. Brick was in downtown Skirtville with an 81 in the 7th frame. But then the Llamas made a charge unlike any we have ever seen, down 50 plus pins heading into the 10th frame facing certain defeat, the Year of the Llama was again resurrected. Tom bowled 2 strikes, Kevin had 2 marks, Brandon finished up with a Llama, Ryan had 2 marks, and Brick had one of the greatest skirt escapes of all time finishing with a Super Llama. This all carried us from over 50 pins down to a 10 pin win. We won with all 5 bowlers under average, we seemed destined to win another 7. Game 2 Tom, Brandon, and Ryan all kept the momentum going...Tom fired a Super Llama and finished with a 223, Brandon shot down 2 turkeys on his way to a 216, Ryan also bagged a turkey and ended with a 190. Brick continued to struggle and once again wiggled out of the skirt. He essentially needed a turkey in the 10th frame to avoid it and that is exactly what happened. But 2 games 2 wins!! Game 3 is were The Bad and The Ugly come in. Kevin, Brandon, and Ryan all bowled over average 204, 211, 200 respectively. Brandon even added a Mega Llama(6 in a row). Unfortunately The Bad is Tom and Brick were both well under average, Tom 165 and Brick 179. Tom and Brick also took advantage of the "Field Goal" kitty rule where if you leave a split and roll your 2nd ball between the 2 pins and don't hit either of them you add 75 cents to the kitty. I would like to say The Ugly was Brick's 511 series and his Houdini like escaping of the skirt but it wasn't. The Ugly was not only did we lose game 3 but we also lost the Total Series score by 1 pin meaning we were 4-3 on the night. One effing pin!! We could blame Tom for his 9 open in the 10th, or Brandon for his 7 on his last ball, or d-bag Ryan who threw 2 strikes in the 10th and then a gutter ball, or Kevin just because, or Brick because he was 119 pins under average. But lets just forget it and say we let one get away. We will not let 1 pin derail The Year of the Llama. Climb aboard the Llama Train and enjoy the ride, The Year of the Llama continues...The Super Llama is "Gonna Fly Now"...(When I watch the video I picture Geppetto(the llama) as Apollo Creed and Brick as Rocky Balboa. Also in the last scene with Rocky and Apollo jumping in the water and hugging I imagine Brick naked jumping and holding Geppeto. I'm not saying you should do that but that is just what I see, a weird fetish I have I guess.)

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