Thursday, November 11, 2010

Week 11-We're Back Baby!

I don’t want to start any drama
But guess what’s back; The Year of the Llama!

At 20-36 things looked bleak
But then came a winning streak

12-2 over the last 14 games
The Llamas are kicking @ss and taking names

What was in store for week 11?
Could the Llama Chasers win another 7?

To add to the story on the hardwood
A former Llama Chaser named Monte there stood

Dreaming of his days on our team
So long ago it sure does seem

But we’re not here to reminisce about the past
Just hoping Monte and his new team enjoy being in last

Because winning 7 was never in doubt
Let me tell you how it all came about

Tom’s llama and clean game 226 got us going
The good times and alcohol were now flowing

We threw a Turkey and Llama in Tom’s direction
But he must have been distracted by his erection

The Super Llama bounced off his hands and on to the table
Beer cups went flying, Tom tried to catch but was unable

Kevin’s had a tough year chasing the Llama
But what a week he had, Oh Mama!!

Spare, Strike, Spare, Spare…
Nothing to unusual there

But then came 8 strikes in a row
That’s a Double Llama we all know!

A 259 game, his high on the year
And also tops in his bowling career

Brandon and Brick bowled llamas too
Ryan was under average by just a few

Game 2 the Llamas continued to fly high
Over average were Tom, Brandon, Brick, and Ry

Kevin dropped down 90 pins to a 169
But a 2 game total of 428, was still quite fine

Game 3 the Llamas were still on the attack
But this humble team didn’t talk smack

We let the Turkeys and Llamas do all the talking
While I stared at Brick’s ass as he was walking

So we are back in the hunt Llama Chaser Nation
Let’s rejoice with an ice cold libation

Week 12 and another opponent await
See you at the lanes, don’t be late!!

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