Monday, December 27, 2010

Week 17 - Jackpot!!

As you can see from the smiling Llamas we finally did it. We actually made some money on Keno!! $225 to be exact. Unfortunately we are still likely down several hundred dollars but lets forget about the past and just enjoy taking the State of Ohio's money. The tension was high as we hit the first 3 numbers(out of 4) very quick but it was until the 20th and last number that lucky number 19 popped up and the celebration began. Brick was making out with Tom, Kevin had his tongue down Brandon's throat, and I wasn't quite that excited so I just sat there and clapped. As for the bowling this week it was "Fun Week" meaning we just bowl for individual scores and can win money if you bowl well. For fun week we bowled "No Tap" which means if you knock down 9 pins on your first ball it counts as a strike. I lost the score sheets so I don't remember how everyone did but Brick had a team high 775 series and Ryan was next with a 714 which included a team high 278 game. The 278 game started with an 8 open in the first frame but then 11 straight strikes(including "No Tap" strikes). There is a good chance Brick and Ryan will win some cash from this night but we don't find out until the banquet in May. Oh yeah, Brandon did have a Turkey in the first game, the only reason I remember that is I have a picture of Brandon on his knees which was taken shortly after Brick threw the turkey at him. I'll let you guess were the Turkey hit Brandon. Once bowling ended it was time to head over to the bar for the Llama Chaser Christmas Extravaganza. It was a pleasure to see most of Llama Chaser Nation. I want to take this time to thank Kevin for the hundreds of lap dances he performed and I want to congratulate the following people: Llama Chaser Brick for winning the the Llama Spitting Contest, Llama Chaser Tom for winning the "Short Skirt, Hot Legs" Contest, Llama Chaser Brian received the "Fan us on Facebook" award for getting the most fans to our Facebook page, Llama Chaser Brandon won the "Rookie of the Year" award which is amazing considering half the season is still left, and Llama Chaser Ryan won the highly coveted "Llama Chaser DILF" award for the 4th straight year as voted on by Llama Chaser Nation. Last but not least we have our most popular award, the "My Llamas look better than your Llamas" award(I will withhold the name of our winner to protect her identity). And the winner is...

Happy Holidays Llama Chaser Nation!!! We will see you tonight as the second half begins.

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