Monday, January 3, 2011

Week 18 -The Second Half Begins...The Year of the Skirt?

Llama Chaser Nation this could hurt
But this just might be The Year of the Skirt.

I'm hoping this isn't true but after the first week of the second half "The Year of the Skirt" seems more likely than "The Year of the Llama." Let's hope it is just a Christmas hangover and we will get going in the right direction but for now let me introduce to to the Lovely Ladies of Freeway Lanes.

First up is Tom.
This full-time housewife and part-time bowler likes longs walks on the beach, snuggling with her significant others, and watching Real Housewives of Orange County. Tom is a romantic at heart and when she is not busy reading e-mails on her phone at bowling she likes to spend time with her significant other and their daughter. This tramp LOVES to schedule family vacations during bowling season. Tom also loves dancing!!! As you can see in this picture she even treated us to some of her best moves. How we got here: Tom needed just a mark in the 9th or 10th frame but decided to go open, open and finish with a 137.

Our second seductress is Kevin.
This beautiful Car Saleswoman uses her sexy legs to help sell cars and intimidate the opposition on the bowling lanes. Kevin enjoys sweet and crunchy nuts(from Planters you perverts)and the P90X work out program. Kevin was able to turn the 90 day P90X program into just a 10 day program and as you can see it was very successful. When Kevin not averaging 174 on the lanes she likes to do some modeling which as you can see is pretty hot! How we got here: Kevin needed to go strike, strike in the 10th frame but decided to go strike, 6 for a 136.

Coming next week we will introduce you to one of the sexiest beasts to ever seduce the Freeway Lanes...Brick! How we got here: Natalie, as she is know in some circles, needed to go strike, strike in the 10th frame but went spare, 9 and finished with a 157. Since this was done on the last game of the night, she will wear the skirt in the first game next week(tonight).

The were 2 bright spots for the Llamas, Ryan and Brandon. Brandon was over average all 3 games, had a high game of 195 and finished with a 569 series. Ryan had a 210 and a 203 game and finished with a 572 series. This included 20 strikes total and 2 Llamas!!

This all added up to a 2-5 start to the second half. The good news is its only one week and we look to erase this bad night with a 7-0 showing tonight. To show Llama Chaser Nation that I'm I'm not taking this season lightly I was out recruiting for potential replacements and I came across a young lad named Collin. The 5 pound ball he was rolling was a bit heavy for him but I loved the two-handed squatting roll shot that he seemed to master. And as you can tell from this picture he has the energy and excitement to fit on this team.

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