Monday, January 17, 2011

Week 20 - Thank You!!

Thank you Llama Chaser Nation!! I'm not sure who it was but whoever sent the Slump Buster over to Brick's house we appreciate it. Brick is not the type to sleep with a grenade and tell everyone about it errrr kiss and tell, but it was obvious what happened. Locked in a two month slump, we asked for your help, and it was clear from the moment Brick walked in he was a changed man. Brick opened with a clean game 231 which included 7 strikes. In the second game his adrenaline from the Slump Buster romp willed him to a Mega Llama(6 strikes in a row) and a 225. By the 3rd game his energy was down a little bit but he still managed a 173 which included only 2 opens,both of which were splits. I was most happy to see that this whole "Slump Buster" thing was not a myth, it truly works. I encourage all of Llama Chaser Nation to try it out if you are "slumping" in any area of your life. Rumor has it that Brick even offered the lovel young lady a piece of cake after they were finished.

A month or two ago I spoke about the "Great Houdini of the Skirt". At that time it was Brick, but 4 skirts later that is no longer true. But we do have a new Houdini and it is Brandon. I touched on it last week that Brandon had 7 games at 150 or less but managed to avoid the skirt each time. Well this week Brandon looked great in the first two games posting a 211 and a 206. Game 3 he was needing his greatest skirt escape to date...sitting at 123 going into the 10th frame he needed to get 2 strikes to avoid his first trip into the cross-dressing world. And wouldn't you know it he gets them and finishes with another 150. So sit tight fans he avoided it yet again but as Brick taught us it is only a matter of time.

The jury is still out on whether or not a Slump Buster showed up at Tom's house. I'm thinking he might of taken matters in to his own hands if you catch my drift. Tom was over average all 3 games 188, 184, 204 - 576 series. Also, Tom was in the skirt the first game from his awful game 3 performance from the prior week.

Keep in mind not everyone needs a Slump Buster. Ryan, for example, is simply a stud. With the team cruising to a Game 1 victory Ryan decided to sandbag to a 185. With the team struggling in Game 2 Ryan busted out a 209 helping the team to another win. Then in Game 3 with Brandon and Brick struggling a bit Ryan dropped down a Super Llama for a 223 which unfortunately was not enough. Ryan finished with a 617 series and increased his average for the 6th week in a row.

You may notice I did not mention Kevin's name. That is because that douchebag once again chose work over bowling basically saying he prefers making money to kicking ass and taking names at the Freeway Lanes...unacceptable!!

We went 5-2 on the night and 7-14 in the second half.

One quick funny story before I go. We were bowling against a team called "Tops and Bottoms". They are named after the the strip club of the same name in downtown Cleveland. I hear it is the place to be if you enjoy lap dances from some fine African-American ladies. But anyhow, one of their bowlers was warming up and in our league you only throw one practice ball and then get back in line. Well this gentleman rolled one ball and the stood on the lane waiting to throw another one. Brick looked at him and said "We only throw one ball in warm ups in this league." The gentleman replied "Well we throw 2." You sort of had to be there but it was great because while he did say "Well we throw 2" what I heard and I know Brick did too(although he is too proud to admit it) is "Look little boy, I throw 2 and there isn't a damn thing you are going to do about it." I think it was that exchange as well as his slump buster that fueled Brick on this evening.

See you at the Lanes!!

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