Monday, January 24, 2011

Week 21 - Lebron's right "Karma is a b*tch"

Let's flash back to week 15, the Llama Chasers were just playing out the first half stuck in the middle of the pack, just playing for pride. The 1st place team we were bowling just needed to go 4-3 on the night to wrap up the 1st half. Well as we all know we didn't let that happen. We gave the 2nd place team, Sounds Good, a chance to beat them the next week and win the first half which is exactly how it all went down. Well us Llama Chasers are a pretty nice group, we were just looking for a simple pat on the back from Sounds Good, maybe a "Hey, nice job guys. Thanks for giving us a chance." But that never came. I even mentioned to them a few weeks back the nice deed we did for them and how a thank you pitcher of an adult beverage would be a proper way to show thanks. Sound Good laughed a little and said that is probably true but of course never stepped up and delivered. That is why we circled this game on the calendar and why Lebron was right when he tweeted "Karma is a b****." The Llama Chasers came firing out of the gates. Tom took it very personal and started with 6 strikes in a row or as it is better known, a Ultra Llama, Tom finished with a strong 234. Kevin returned to the team and also came out strong with a 196. Brandon delivered a Turkey in the 10th frame to crush any hope that Sounds
Good had. Ryan dropped in 4 splits and knew early the game was in hand so he sandbagged to a 159. Brick's Slump Buster powers were beginning to wear off as he limped to a 181. Game 2 it didn't much matter what we did, Sounds Good was already intimidated and basically beat themselves. One of their bowlers, Ray, threw a 300 game the week before rolled a 134 game 2. We were nice enough to offer him the pink skirt for game 3, Kevin placed it on his chair. Ray delcined the offer. Game 3 the "Karma" continued and we finished the night at 7-0 and brought our 2nd half record to an even 14-14. I hope this serves as a valuable lesson to the teams in this league. I hope everyone now sees Lebron's tweet had nothing to do with the Cavs, he was talking about his favorite bowling team and basically let everyone know that you don't f*ck with the Llama Chasers.

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