Sunday, January 30, 2011

Week 22 - Aretha Franklin

I know what you are thinking...the Llama Chasers lost another 7 and here we go with another Slump Buster speech. Actually I am not here to talk about Slump Busters although Aretha in her later years would certainly fit the description. I bring up Aretha Franklin for another reason and that is because she understand R-E-S-P-E-C-T. I want to talk about how well we did this week, and I will, but Kevin needs to learn a little something from Ms. Franklin first, RESPECT for his Llama Chaser teamates. Kevin has missed 2 of the last 3 weeks and now he lets me know he may be late for this coming week or he may not show at all. He said something about it being that last day of the month and work will be busy. Must I remind Kevin that when he signed his Llama Chaser contract it clearly stated a no-compete clause that read "The Llama Chasers will not compete with family, work, vacations, or any other excuse to miss bowling, LLAMA CHASING COMES FIRST." The only exception being your own death. I signed it and have lived by it, Brick signed it and has lived by it except for that half year that we don't like to talk about, Brandon signed it and lives by it except for that crazy Monday night church thing that God talked him into, Tom signed it and lives by it except for the 12 vacations he takes each year during bowling season. Kevin signed it and could care less. Kevin let me explain to you the problem...Tom is on vacation number 8 for this year this week so we are one bowler down, if you miss we are 2 bowlers down. When you miss a week you get 10 pins under your average for each game. So if we are down 2 bowlers we already start off 20 pins in the hole. Brick averages about 10 pins under average nowadays so we will essentially be starting 30 pins in the whole this week. Brandon and Ryan are awesome but they can only do so much. So listen to Aretha and show some RESPECT to you teammates, we will see you Monday. Her is a quick recap of last week...Tom bowled very good the 1st 2 games and slowed a bit in the 3rd - 205, 193, 168. Brick stugglled a bit the first 2 games but was over average in the 3rd - 175, 170, 201. Brandon and Ryan bowled consistently solid with each bowling over average all 3 games, Brandon 200, 203, 185 and Ryan - 190, 187, 191. Ryan and Tom had a llama each on the night. We won the first 2 games and lost the last, which added up to 5-2 on the night and now 19-16 for the second half. Llama Chase Nation I hope to see you and Kevin on the lanes this week.

What you want

Baby, the Llama's got it

What you need

Do you know the Llama's got it?

All I'm askin'

Is for a little respect...

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