Monday, February 7, 2011

Week 23 - Train

Llama Chaser Nation unfortunately I am not talking about the band "Train" or about the wet dreams that Brick has about doing a Llama Chaser "train", if you catch my drift. I am more talking about running into this type of train...

I know it doesn't look like much and Thomas looks rather friendly but this type of train can derail a bowling season. It can demoralize a team and send you into a spin that can be impossible to recover from. The Llama Chaser ran into one of these trains this past week. The worst part is we didn't see it coming. We were just going about our winning ways, kicking ass and taking names. We won game 1 with everyone over average except Ryan, who brilliantly sand bagged to a 139. That's when it happened...BAM!!! The other team dropped a 279, a 252, and a 248 on us. As the old adage goes "There is no defense in bowling". (Unless of course you throw a turkey across the lanes as someone is about to bowl. See the Week 1 - Turkey Incident recap to see how that works.) Brandon was over average with a 194, Andy(filling in for Vacation Tom) was over average with a 213, Ryan was over with a 183, and Brick was just under with a 194 and we got smoked. Game 3 the train continued its destruction with the opposition dropping a 212, a 224, and a 237 on us. As we gathered ourselves and looked around at the carnage we found a 2-5 record on the night, which pulled us to an even 21 and 21 in the second half. So now it is time to get back on our feet and drop our own train on the next opponent. It was about this point in the first half of the season that we went into a tailspin, I am expecting the opposite this time. I have a dream of a second half championship. Come along and enjoy the ride! A quick recap on each Llama Chasers night. Brandon continued his very solid bowling with all 3 games over average 184, 194, 183 and he bowled a llama. Ryan pretty much sucked 139, 183, 169. Brick still is trying to find that old magic 214, 194, 166. Andy bowled decent 243, 213, 219. Normally I would have spent more time talking about how well Andy bowled but I asked him if he reads the weekly recaps and he said "not really", so screw him. Kevin once again, again, again, again chose work over bowling. We may soon be accepting applications for his spot, I will keep Llama Chaser Nation posted on this development.

BREAKING NEWS: We may have one of the founding fathers of the Llama Chasers in attendance tonight. That is right, the 7th best bowler in Llama Chaser team history Brian is planning on making an appearance. So bring your Brian 8x10's or your other Llama gear and get it signed by Brian. This is a rare opportunity to see the Llama Chaser potential Hall of Famer and get your picture with him.

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