Monday, February 14, 2011

Week 24 - Llama Said Knock You Out!!

In honor of the Grammy's here is the third consectuive music reference in the recaps.

Don't call it a comeback, the Llama Chasers have been here for years. About 10 years that is and never have we been in better shape to contend for a bowling championship. Before the night started we stood at 21-21, it was time to make a statement whether we were contenders or pretenders and the first game set the tone for the rest of the night. Tom, fresh off his vacation with Geppetto, came out firing. He had a super llama and finished with a superb 221. Brandon and Kevin struggled but both had big marks in the 10th frame. So we wAdd Imageere down to the last two bowlers on each team, we trailed by 21 pins, and all 4 bowlers had a strike in the 9th frame. Things looked bleak. But then something very fitting happened, Ryan chased down a Llama with a strike in the 9th and 3 strikes in the 10th frame which basically brought the teams to even with each team having 1 last bowler. Brick came up huge and chased down a Llama as well. The Llama Chasers did what we do best and chased down a couple of Llamas and victory was ours. Nothing is sweeter than a victory, unless of course, we win and someone ends up in the skirt. Thank you Kevin for your 133. This is why you should come to bowling more than once a month. (Oh and by the way, sorry ladies, Kevin is a married man.)

Fresh off that exhilarating victory the Llamas could not be stopped. Brick threw a stellar 221 and Tom continued his hot streak with a 200. Brandon was just slight under average with a 180 and Ryan and Kevin did a "friends stay together" sandbag 159's. Not to be confused with a "friends stay together" teabag which we like to do on Llama Chaser trips. By game 3 we had already ripped the heart and soul from our opponents and another W was ours. Brick led the way with a 195, followed by Brandon's 192, and Ryan's 188. Llama Chaser Nation we went a huge 7-0 on the night and now stand at 28-21, which is good enough for 4th place. We are just 6 points shy of first and 2 points shy of 2nd place. As I mentioned in the recap last week we had a very special guest show up, one of the Llama's founding fathers Brian. Fresh off a 3rd place finish in a 130 person Texas Hold 'Em tournament the day before we thought he was going to offer to sponsor our team the rest of the way or at least by us new jerseys. But he has yet to offer that, though I still have my fingers crossed. It is always nice to see one of our own and one of the great ambassadors of the Llama Chasers. So it was a great night on the lanes and after a rough 2-12 start to begin the 2nd half we are now 26-9 over the last 5 weeks. The best part is we all have room to improve on our averages so I think I was right when earlier in the season I said this truly is "The Year of Llama." Come on out and enjoy the ride.

LL Cool J's got nothing on us...LL Llama Chasers, Ladies Love Llama Chasers

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