Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Week 26 - Et tu, Monte?

Llama Chaser Nation I apologize for the lengthy delay on this post, I was a little under the weather and then Geppetto and I went on a cruise. I am sure you all were eagerly awaiting the follow-up to the St. Valentine's Day Massacre and here it is.

As you can likely gather from the title one of our own came back to get us. Former Llama Chaser Monte and his band of misfits decided to to bowl their backsides off. The first game Tom showed up about an hour late but still made it by the 5th frame and bowled an over average 193. Kevin dropped in an over average 192, Brandon had an over average 193, Ryan had an over average 199. Are you starting to see a trend here? And you guessed it, our pretty little princess Brick bowled an over average 203. So we were all over average which usually is good for a win, but not today. The second game began and we needed a win. Behind the strength of Brandon's 248 and llama finish that is exactly what we got. Ryan also rolled his second 199 on the night and Brick, now with pants on, bowled a solid 211. So we were now tied at 2-2 on the night heading into the pivotal third game. Kevin, Ryan, and Brandon all came out flat and that spelled doom for the Llama Chasers. Brandon even dropped in a 1st ball gutter ball in the 10th frame which was kind of fun. Brick bowled well again, with a llama for a 202. He was over average all 3 games which was a sight for sore eyes and will hopefully lead to a super strong finish we need. Now let me address former Llama Chaser Monte. Seriously Et tu, Monte? The Llama Chasers are in contention for a title for only like the 2nd time in 10 years and you can't just drop a few in the gutter. Did you really just have to drive the dagger in our hearts, does loyalty mean nothing to you. You don't see someone like Lebron James turn on his old team. Oh wait...bad example. Ask Moose what happened to the last team that disrespected us. So we went 2-5 on the night and are now 37-26 on the second half. Just a little bump in the road as we looking to getting back to what we do best...WINNING!(as Charlie Sheen would say) The only difference is we have Llama blood running through our veins.
See you on the lanes!!
Here is a preview of some of the fun Geppetto and I had on the cruise. Geppetto is in the middle of the photo.
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