Monday, March 14, 2011

Week 28 - Kevin Hates You



That's right Llama Chaser Nation, Kevin hates you. Don't feel too bad though because he hates me, he hates Brick, he hates Tom, he hates Brandon, he hates Geppetto, he hates Llama Chasing, he hates Super Llamas and Mega Llamas and Dali Llamas, etc. The Llama Chasers are in a chase for a Second Half Championship and Kevin has now missed like 4 of the last 7 weeks. Unacceptable!! I wish I could tell you he missed this past week to take Geppetto on a cruise(one of the few acceptable reasons to miss bowling) but I can't. Kevin has fallen in love with the almighty dollar.

Please take this test.

What do you see in this picture?

You are correct! It's a Llama. I asked Kevin this same question and I'm sure you you can guess what he saw, of course...a dollar bill.

Let's talk about the Llamas that do care...Tom started game 1 with a Llama and a clean game 224. Brandon also did quite swell with a clean game 207. Unfortunately Ryan and Brick struggled a bit. Ryan closed with a Turkey but ended short of average with a 172 and Brick just avoided the skirt with a 160. The opposition bowled well and we lost game 1.

Game 2 we switched roles, Ryan and Brick were both at or above average and Tom and Brandon were both under average. Brick banged out a clean game 199 and Ryan rolled a dead on average 180. Tom and Brandon bowled a 184 and 164, respectively. But again the other team bowled well and we lost game 2.

We were now in deep trouble if we couldn't win the last game. A 2-5 night is bad but an 0-7 might essentially end our season. With that in mind we did what we had to do to get what we got! Tom rolled another clean game and finished with a 225, 633 series. Brandon, struggling through some shoulder pain although you wouldn't know by his scores, had a 202. Ryan chased down a Llama in the 10th frame and finished with a 185 and Brick dropped in a 191. Believe it or not Kevin actually showed up in about the 3rd frame. Good new is you can bowl as long as you make it before the 5th frame. Bad news is Kevin didn't bring his ball to bowling. Who would think you should bring you ball to bowling? But we have grown accustomed to not needing him or should I say counting on him and we won the 3rd game to go 2-5 on the night.

We are now 43-34 and have no room for error if we hope to get back in this race! Please come root us on!! And please encourage any one you know not to buy a car from Kevin on Mondays. Thank you!

One last thing before I go. I want to apologize to Brandon for how inconsiderate Tom was last week. Brandon was struggling through some pain and decided to take the night off from drinking. Well when it came time to pay for our pitchers Tom, being the inconsiderate a-hole that he is, said he paid last week and basically forced Brandon to pay, saying it was his turn in the rotation. Actually I might have also mentioned that I paid 2 weeks ago...and let me tell you it all made perfect sense at the time. Ryan paid 2 weeks ago, Tom paid last week, so now Brandon pays. But of course Brandon didn't drink so why should he have to pay. It is not his job provide drinks to Tom so he can get hammered. So Brandon I would like to take this time to apologize and let you know we will take care of the next several weeks. Not that this would ever happen again but if it does, just grab Tom by the throat and let him know he is paying or politely tell Ryan you disagree with paying for Tom to get drunk.

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