Monday, December 19, 2011

Week 16 - The 1st Half is Finally Over!!

"Every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end"

-Semisonic "Closing Time"

Llama Chaser Nation the first half of the bowling season is over. We got off to a bad start and never recovered. The 5-20 start was just way too much to overcome. We were able to move up one notch in the standings with a solid 5-2 effort on the night but 11th place in a 15 team league is simply not acceptable.

Week 16 of the 2011 season did include a Llama Chaser first. Since we lost all 7 points last week we were treated to a new deck of cards. Yes, I am talking about the cards I mentioned in "Man-ass Motivation", the naked men cards. And if I do say so myself what a treat it was. Have you ever fantasized about a naked cowboy? Me too! And there it was. What about a naked pool boy? Bam! What about a naked Goose from Top Gun look-a-like? We had that too!! It was quite the early Christmas present. The smiles these gentleman's "pistols" brought to my Llama Chasing friends faces will be something I will never forget. Unfortunately we bowled a little to well in Game 1, the victory meant the men and their "bowling balls" had to go away. The good news is that if we lose all 7 points in a week in the second half we will have something to looked forward to.

As I mentioned we went 5-2 on the week after winning the first 2 games and dropping the last. Everyone on the team was very close to the average series. Tom dropped in a nice 240 in game 1 which included an Ultra Llama - 7 strikes in a row. He also added in another llama in game 2 and finished with a 234. A few other highlights on the night were Kevin's game 1 llama, Brick's game 3 Super Llama, Ryan hit average or above all 3 games, and Brandon's hatred of the naked men cards. Brandon was so disgusted it almost seemed like he was trying to cover up how much he really liked them. Kind of like when your a teenager and you constantly make fun of a girl who you are really attracted to. Also, Ryan was lucky enough to wear the skirt in the 1st game, his carry over penalty from last week. Nothing like sitting in a skirt staring at naked men, felt like just another Saturday night actually.

So the brutal 1st half is over. We get a fun night on the lanes tonight and then it is back at it. Rolling into the second half with Brick averaging 218, Tom 204, Brandon 184, Ryan 182, and Kevin 178. With Brick and Tom at their career highs in average we will need a big second half from Brandon, Ryan, and Kevin. Let's do this!! Mmmmmbbbaaahhhhhh!!!!

Happy Holidays Llama Chaser Nation!! I hope everyone gets that special Llama gift they are hoping for!

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  1. You forgot to mention Kevin throwing himself down the lane, not once but twice on back to back balls.