Monday, September 17, 2012

Week 3 - My name's Kevin...

 and I hate Llamas. I hate looking at them, I hate thinking about them, and I especially hate chasing them.
Kevin has never spoken those words...he doesn't have to...his actions tell us Llama Chasers all we need to know.
It starts with a simple text...
"May be late."
Followed by...
"Still here(at work)."
Sometimes he shows up for the last game of the night, sometimes he doesn't. It has the feel of an absentee father who keeps promising his kid that he will make his baseball game that night. Never worried about his kid's feelings only concerned if it is convenient for him.
Kevin, when is this going to stop? Last week Brick was in tears waiting for "dad" to show up, Tom would have been too had it not been for the flask he has hidden in his car. Kevin he bought that flask to cover up the pain you deliver us about 12 weeks per season.
Let me just tell you that it is hard to bowl with tears running down your face. Just ask Brick and his 139 in the first game. I stopped worrying about my own bowling game and looked up an saw a 99 in the 9th frame. That is when I decided I must be strong for my Llama Chaser family and promptly struck out in the 10th for a 129 game 1. Tom dropped in a 183 and we ended up losing game 1 by over 100 pins. "Part Time Llama" Andy also stiffed us after getting home from work late.
Game 2 Kevin texted "On my way". Well Whoop-De-Freaking-Doo!! Tom was so impressed he bowled a 146 and I rolled a stellar 159. Brick was doing all he could to hold the family together, he bowled a Super Llama, and a very solid 221 game. But it was not enough and we lost again.
Then dad errr Kevin showed up. I told him we need a 225 game out of him to make up for missing the first 2 games. He then opened the first 3 frames and had a nice 26 heading into the 4th frame. But then he went crazy with a spare, Mega-Llama(6 strikes in a row), spare to finish with a very disappointing 215. I didn't ask for a 215, I asked for a 225. Close does not count in bowling. The moral of the story: Even when Kevin shows up he lets us down. The good news is we all ended up over 200 in game 3; Tom 229, Ryan 203, and Brick 213. I had my first Llama on the year, so did Kevin, and Brick added his 4th. We won game 3.
So we went 2-5 on the night and now stand at 9-12 on the year. Full skirt rules kick in this week so maybe we will have some nice pictures for Llama Chaser Nation next week!!

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