Monday, September 17, 2012

Week 2 - Part Time Llama

(Sing to the tune of Part Time Lover)
Stand up, bowl once, it is a strike
The Llama Chasers really like
There is nothing wrong with the new part-time llama

If Brandon's gone I'll blink the lights
To let Andy know tonight's the night
For me and you my part-time llama
Week 2 arrived and it appears Brandon may miss several weeks or more with a little job conflict. The good news is we bought a jersey specifically for when a regular Llama Chasers misses a week. So we called up Andy and he slipped on the Llama Chaser jersey that says "Part-Time" on the front.
The great thing about Andy is he apparently does not need to practice and can still bowl around 200. Over the last 2 years we have called on him several times and whether it has been 6 months or 6 weeks since he last bowled he always seems to do well.
Although he struggled a bit in Game 1, the good/bad news is we all struggled and we lost the first game by well over 100 pins.
Game 2 the Llama Chasers finally started to get our mojo back with Andy leading the way.(I lost the stat sheet so I am going to give my best guess as to what happened). Andy was on fire!!!! After an open in the first frame he dropped in a Double Llama(8 strikes in a row) and finished in the mid 250's. Tom, Kevin, and Brick probably continued to suck, knowing they did not have to worry about the skirt, but did just enough to help us win. I'm sure I did as I normally do...awesome!!! That all added up to big win in game 2.
Game 3 Andy continued to dominate. I even remember the other team telling him to go home. I think Andy even dropped in another Llama. If my memory serves me Kevin, Brick, and Tom might have actually bowled above, not only their skirt averages, but the real averages. Even though they still don't realize we have averages for the fist 3 weeks. We won Game 3 and even came back to take the total pins on the night.
So we went 5-2 on the night which brings us to 7-7 on the year!! Thanks to Andy for filling in and kicking ass! We may need to see a lot more of that with Brandon being out for the foreseeable future.
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