Monday, September 10, 2012

Who you gonna call...SLUMPBUSTERS!

Representation of Sgt. Slumpbuster, RIP
Before the Llama Chasers were born in the fall of 2001, a bowling team existed that was based around this guy, his name is Sgt. Slumpbuster, and he spent many Monday nights "reporting for duty", which meant floating in the top of a pitcher of draft beer. The lucky individual who had Sgt. Slumpbuster floating in their beer was said to have good luck from the bowling Gods. Based on the score sheet attached below you can see that didn't happen often.

Unfortunately Sgt. Slumpbuster was lost to a nasty fungal problem that was created from poor airflow inside of bowling bags, and stale beer that somehow seeped inside of him. However, Sgt. Slumpbuster is one cherished memory from those pre-Llama Chaser bowling days, where it was more about drinking beer and having fun, then actually winning.

Click the score sheet below for a larger view team number 8 or click here.

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