Monday, October 15, 2012

Week 7 - Greg Little

A few weeks back Greg Little of the Cleveland Browns decided to drop the "Usain Bolt pose" after making a catch. It might be acceptable if he just made a game winning touchdown catch but it wasn't, it was just a so-so catch in a game the Browns were getting blown out.

What does this have to do with the Llama Chasers you ask? Well I'll tell you...

This week we got a beatdown!! Tom, Andy, Kevin and myself all bowled pretty bad. It didn't really matter because the other team went off. As I have mentioned in the past there is no defense in bowling.

Brick bowled very well this week, a 698 series. At one point in the third game he turned to me and said "I know what the title of this weeks recap should be "Brick is back."" I didn't say much but I thought it would have been fitting for Brick to stand up and give the Greg Little Usain Bolt pose.

I'm glad that Brick has his mojo back, but just as there is no "I" in team, there is no "I" in Llama Chasers.

So everbody Greg Little errrr Brick wanted me to let you know "Brick is back", who cares if we went 0-7 and fall to 20-29.

(I am now standing up doing the Usain Bolt pose for the awesome recap)

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