Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Week 8 - God Hates Llamas

It took me 10 plus years to come to the determination that God hates llamas but I think it is now quite obvious. How else do you explain a good bowling team, bowling in a handicap league, which levels the playing field, never, ever competing for a title!? We have basically had 1 half season out of 20 half seasons were we had a chance at winning and that was with about 4 weeks left. Last year 4 of the 5 bowlers on our team had their highest averages ever and yet we finished in dead last place. Also, the last 2 weeks we have admittedly bowled bad but the 2 teams we faced went off. Even if we had each bowled over average we still would have gotten our asses handed to us.

Our losing streak continues, it is now at 14. The only bonus this week was we got to use the naked men cards, which is a requirement after losing all 7 points the previous week. So while we bowled bad we were still treated to some hot, hairless, men with large thingies. The naked men cards only go away if we win a game which we couldn't do this week going 0-3. Good news is the naked men will be back with us the following week. As I mentioned in the past the naked guys aren't my favorite thing but boy oh boy do Brick, Tom, Kevin, and Andy like them. It kind of makes me uncomfortable, Kevin even ordered a hot dog for dinner...we all know where his mind was.

Tom bowled a stellar 160, 151, 143 - 454 series and he gets to wear the skirth game 1 next week. Kevin bowled an over average 196, 183, 178 - 557 series. Ryan bowled a 159, 177, 209 - 545 series. Andy also hates llamas and pretended to be sick and stayed home. Brick started swell but ended poorly with a 233, 198, 163 - 594 series which also gets him in the skirt next week.

I don't know what else to say, it simply boils down to God Hates Llamas, which is kind of dissapointing.

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