Monday, January 7, 2013

Weeks 15, 16, and 17 - 2013 Finally the Year of the Llama!!!

Happy New Year Llama Chaser Nation!!!!!!!

My only New Year's resolution for 2013 is to write the Llama Chaser recaps the week they happen.

Here is a quick recap because I don't really remember what happened. Week 15 I think we did ok, how is that for a recap!! Week 16 Tom did even worse than week 14 if you can even believe that is possible. The good news is week 16 ended the first half and we begin week 17 with new hope and plans for a second half championship.

Week 17 Tom bowled a 168, 146, 161. The really sad news is that is now considered good for Tom. We actually won the first game with Tom a whopping 13 pins over average, Brick's 257 also helped a little. We the lost the the nest 2 games and start the second half 2-5.

2013 is going to be big for the Llama Chasers, I can feel it. Tom is 40 pins off his average from last year, Kevin, Andy, and myself are all 5-10 pins under our normal averages, so there is no reason we take the second half by storm.

This lame ass recap is now over, I promise to do better in the second half!!

2013 - The Year of the Llama!!!!!!!!!! MMMMMBBBBBBAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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