Monday, January 14, 2013

Week 18 - New Year, Same Story

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It's fitting the Llama Chaser call Cleveland, Ohio home. Much like the Cavs, who have never won a title, the Browns, who have never won a Super Bowl, and the Indians, who haven't won a championship in most of our life times(65 years), the Llama Chasers haven't won a title in our 11 year existence. And if recreational bowling had a draft we would have picked in the top of the draft as much if not more than our fellow Cleveland teams.

Just like our Cavs, Indians, and Browns fans, the Llama Chaser fans always hope next year is our year. As I mentioned last week 2013 is in fact "The Year of the Llama". Unfortunately we are just starting a little slow but as we all learned last year even a fast start, 19-2 after 3 weeks in the 2nd half of 2012, doesn't mean anything.

This week we fired out of the gates with Kevin rolling a 215 in game 1 and Ryan bowling a 190. That was enough to get us a game 1 victory. Tom even got a new ball but proved right away that it's not the ball that makes the man as he bowled a 124 and was in the skirt again. It has actually become weird to see him in pants as the skirt has pretty much become part of his bowling uniform.

But "New Year, Same Story" as we started out looking good and then went down hill. Kevin continued strong and bowled a 183 and Tom finally showed some promise with a 177. Unfortunately Brick, Andy, and myself all bowled under average as we lost game 2.

Game 3 was our chance to get things going in the right direction but we failed again. Brick switched balls and found his mojo with a 230, Kevin finished a strong night with a 184, and Tom showed signs that maybe things are getting better with a 188. But Andy's 168 and especially my 146 gave us another loss and another 2-5 week which puts us a 4-10 so far.

As Kelly Clarkson let's us know in what will be a 2013 Llama Chaser them song "What doesn't kill you, makes you stronger". This will be a big week for Llama Chaser Nation as we battle first half champions "Guess Whose Back". While you are probably thinking what a dumb ass team name that is, and I would agree, they are still the team to beat and we can make a huge statement by taking 7 from them tonight!!

So Llama Chaser Nation get we say in Cleveland "This is next year". Let's all enjoy the ride and rock out to some Kelly Clarkson.

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