Monday, January 21, 2013

Week 19 - Guess Whose Back...

In the motherbleepin house, with a fat stick for your motherbleepin mouth!!!

I little cleaned up version of some Snoop Dog for Llama Chaser Nation.

As I mentioned in last weeks post we played first half champion's "Guess Whose Back" that feature former Llama Chaser Monte and a few Llama Chaser wannabes, Bill and Ed.

Well let me ask you a question...Guess Whose Back?

If you answered the Llama Chasers give yourself a high five!!

Sitting ar 4 and 10 after two weeks meant we needed a strong showing and that is exactly what we did. In the first game Kevin, Tom, and Andy were all over average with Andy leading the way at 220. Brick just avoided the skirt with a 167 and Ryan sandbagged to a skirtworthy 126. Nothing better than getting a team victory and someone ends up in the skirt, I would enjoy it more if it wasn't me however.

Game 2 was one of our better team games in a while with only Andy under average at 179. Tom dropped in a 200, Kevin a 222, Ryan a 187, and Brick a 244. At one point in the game we had 14 out of 16 frames that were strikes with only Andy refusing to join the strike party.

Unfortunately we did not go 7-0 on the night as butt-pirate Bill bowled a 256 which we couldn't overcome even with Kevin, Ryan, and Andy all over average. And just when we thought Tom was back on track it showed us, to quote Pat Shurmur, "It's a process" with a 135.

So we went 5-2 on the night and are now 9-12 in the second half. This is some momentum we can build on...MMMMBBBAAAHHHHH!!!!!

FYI, As I am sure you noticed in the picture above we had a new addition to our Llama family. Geppetto, with the help of my sperm, gave birth to a Llama for Andy. Eventhough Andy's jersey says "Part-Time" the gift of Llama officially makes him part of the Llama Chaser family.

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