Monday, February 11, 2013

Week 21 - 300 Again...WTF.

Welcome back Llama Chaser Nation and thank you for your continued support. I can't tell you how much it will mean to me when we win the championship all the while knowing that 4 or 5 people read my recaps each week and enjoyed the ride.

This Year of Llama is going along just as planned. We stormed out of the gates in Game 1, Kevin rolled a 212 with only 1 open, Tom was over 50 pins over average with a nice 211 which included an Ultra Llama!!! But it was Andy that allowed us to cruise to victory, he started the game with a Llama and finished it with a Super Llama for a 254. With brothers Tom and Andy each 50+ pins over average we cruised to victory.

Game 2 was just as spectacular. Ryan bowled a 226 which included a Super Llama, Kevin also dropped in a "friends stay together' 226 which included a Llama. Andy stayed hot and also started this game with a Llama and finished with a 202. Brick started the game with a Super Llama and ended with a solid 211.

In game 3 it happened, that's right...300 AGAIN...from the same team that bowled it against us 2 years ago. And the gentleman, we will call Tim (cause that's his name), who bowled the 300 against us 2 years ago dropped in a 267 in game 3. Which was just too much to over come even with all 5 of us over average. Ryan started the game with a Super Llama, Andy started with another Llama, and Tom finished game 3 with a Llama. It was raining Llamas tonight as we finished with 10 Llamas as a team.

So we had to settle for 5-2 on the night and we now stand at a solid 21-14.


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