Monday, February 18, 2013

Week 23 - The Man, The Myth, The Llama Chaser!

I could spend time talking to you about how great the team is doing, I could spend time gushing over our 7-0 week or our 31-4 run over the last 5 weeks, I could talk about Kevin's great bowling the last few weeks, or Tom's improvement, or Andy and Brick's consistent showing in this great stretch but who wants to talk about that.

Earlier this year we introduced 88 Nate to you, well allow me to introduce The Man, The Myth, The Llama Chaser legend 688 Ryan to you.

Spare, Super Llama, Spare, Strike, Spare, Strike - 238
Open, Spare, Turkey, Spare, Open, Spare, Strike, Spare - 195
Open, Ultra Llama, Spare, Turkey - 255

A 7 - 1 split in the first frame of game 3 is all that stood in the way of Earl Anthony errrr Pete Weber errrr Ryan and his first career 700 series.

Now let me give credit to some of my teammates. I know quite often this "team" gets over shadowed by the greatness that is me but let me be the first to tell you I could not do this alone.

After all I do rely on Brick to bring my ball back to the locker each week, I rely on Kevin to bring in peanuts and autographed Browns memorabilia, I rely on Tom for comedic relief on the lanes, and I rely on Andy for umm, well nothing I guess but it is still nice to see him each week.

All that being said it was a great week on the lanes as we dominated each game. In game 1 Kevin rolled a 203, Brick a 236 with an Ultra Llama, and Andy with a 212 finishing the game with a Super Llama.

In Game 2 Kevin stayed hot with a 206, Tom dropped in a 184, and Andy was stellar again with a 233 including a Llama.

Game 3 was fun, fun, fun, Kevin started with 7 strikes aka an Ultra Llama, then I dropped in 7 in a row starting in the 2nd frame, and Brick started the game with a Llama. Check out the snapshot below...

The Year of the Llama is finally here. We are now 1 point out of first with a huge match up against perennial league contender Sounds Good this week. I look forward to a strong showing from Llama Chaser Nation.

One last thing...Each week when someone bowls a Llama we all make the Llama noise and symbol with our hands. Well a few weeks back I suggested we take it up a notch and provide the proper respect. Now when a Llama Chaser bowls a Llama we each stand up and make the noise and really let the individual know what a great achievement they have accomplished. I encourage each of our readers to do the same in your league.

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