Monday, March 4, 2013

Week 24 - Holy Sh!t, Tom updated the stats!!!

Sorry Llama Chaser Nation but Geppetto and I have been vacationing in Key West and Coco Cay so I am a little behind on the updates.

I was set to write about the Llama Chasers unfortunate setback of us going 0-7 in week 24 and how it put a little dent in The Year of Llama...

But then I logged onto here and saw something amazing!! For the first time in damn near a year our individual stats were updated. You can now see that Tom has worn (Don't Look, Don't Laugh) 14 skirts this year or that Brick has 35 Llamas on the season. You can even get much more information if you click on the statistics button at the top of the page.

So instead of boring you with how bad we bowled, especially me, I would rather congratulate Tom on taking less than 1 year to update the site!!!

And now some more photos from Geppetto's much needed vacation...
Coyote Ugly in Key West, the place was empty but that didn't stop Geppetto from having some fun.

Irish Kevin's in Key West. To quote Rod Stewart "Some guys have all the luck".
Can I get a high five!
I think it is safe to say the Geppetto later "rode" Brutus!
Ryan, Geppetto, and former OSU basketball player JJ Sullinger (really cool guy!).
Geppetto was passed out for this one but here is Ryan, Eddie George, and Mike. One last word of advice for Llama Chaser Nation...if you are ever hanging out with Eddie George just let him drink whatever he wants to drink. If he wants a Vodka Cranberry let him enjoy it. DON'T, I repeat, DON'T questions his manhood and ask how a big man like that could drink such a girly drink. I know he is all big and strong and the cranberry Vodka looks really funny is his hand but fight the urge and keep your mouth shut.  Let's just say he doesn't take to it too kindly when you question what he is drinking. He might just basically tell you to shut the F up, drink your Bud Light, and go back to what you were doing. Just a hunch.

Now that Geppetto and I are well rested, get ready to march with us to the championship!!

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