Monday, March 4, 2013

Week 25 - As The Llama Chasers Turn

Let me tell you about my day last Monday. So the cruise ends and Geppetto and I need to get back for bowling. Well our ship was delayed getting into port because of fog. This caused us to miss our 11 o'clock direct flight which would of had us home by 2pm and I WOULD HAVE EASILY MADE IT TO BOWLING. Instead we were on a 12:30 flight to Atlanta, which of course missed our 2:30 connection to Cleveland because we were again delayed. So now we had a 5:20 flight from Atlanta to Akron and we ended up getting home after 8 and that is why I missed bowling. BOWLING TEAM STOP READING HERE. JUMP DOWN ONE PARAGRAPH AND START READING AGAIN. THANK YOU.

Christie sweetheart, I would not have gone to bowling even if I had been home by 2. Yes, the bowling team needs me and struggles when I am not there but being away from you and the kids for 5 days was tough and I couldn't wait to see you.

Now since I was not at bowling I only have a score summary to go by so I will do my best to sum up the evening with both what I think should have happened and also how it probably really happened.

6:40 - Brick shows up and wonders where Ryan is. Says "Gee, I sure wish my pal could make it but I understand he has been away from his family for over 5 days so I'm glad he stayed home. Ah shucks Ryan has the kitty, the turkeys and the gong in his bowling bag. That's ok we will be fine for 1 week without them."

8:00 - We won our first game with all 4 bowlers over 200, with Andy leading the way with a 244. Brick then says "Man it is fun winning but I wish my bud Ryan could have been here to enjoy it, it just isn't the same without him."

9:00 - Another victory with Tom, Andy, and Brick over 200 again. Tom with 216, Brick with a stellar 247, and Andy rolling a ridiculous 259. Brick then says "I love all of this winning and we are right back in contention for the second half title but I sure wish Ry was here. I hope he got home safely and I hope the kids weren't in bed by the time he got home."

10:00 - MMMBBBBAAAAHHHH...What a fantastic week, a Llama Chaser sweep. Brick finished with a 202 for a 673 series, Tom slowed a bit with a 153 in game 3 but still had a great week with a 578 series, and Andy just killed it closing out with 235 for a 738 series. I am being told that is Andy's highest series ever!! Very Nice! So as the bowling bags are being packed up and smiles are all around the team stands up for a group hug and Brick starts to sob "We can do this guys, we can win this whole thing. We showed we can even win without Ryan here. I hope he doesn't have to miss another week but if he does I know it is for a good reason and I know we will be alright. I hate to keep going on and on about Ryan but I just miss him. I can't wait to call him and tell him how well we did."


6:40 - Brick shows up and asks "Where the f*ck is Ryan?"

6:56 - Brick texts Ryan "No Kitty. No Gong. No Turkeys. You better be on your way."(This really happened. I did not reply)

8:00 - We win. Brick says "Seriously why is Ryan not here. What time did he get home." Tom says "He texted me that his plane was delayed and that he wouldn't be home til after 8." Brick "That's bullsh!t. He still could have been here by the 2nd game."

9:00 - Another victory. I think at this point Bricks anger with me not there had faded as he was bowling well and the team was winning.

10:00 - MMMMBBBAAAHHHHH...What a fantastic week, a Llama Chaser sweep. A lot of happiness I'm guessing was going on...The Llama Chasers are back in the hunt. Then the team went into the bar and likely rooted harder than ever at Keno, hoping they would win and shove it in my face. They love and miss me but will never admit it.

So another chapter of "As The Llama Chasers Turn" comes to a close and with a 7-0 week. Check out the latest standings...

As you can see we are just 1 point back with only 4 week left. This week we bowl Gunga-Galunga and next week we bowl Tops & Bottoms. So we should have a good idea how this is going to play out in the next 2 weeks.

Now would be a great time to have some former Llama Chasers come root us on. Brandon, I'm looking at you. Bryan C., Rob M., Bryan P.(a flight from Chicago only takes an hour), current Guess Whose Back bowler Monte(you can come down a lane or two and root for us) we need all the support we can get. Also some of our biggest fans could help...Grover, your energy alone could get us a few victories. I was going to name some other fans but I think Grover may be are only one. You get the idea...This is THE YEAR OF THE LLAMA come root us on to the championship!!

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