Monday, March 11, 2013

Week 26 - Timex and the Llama Chasers

Llama Chaser Nation you are likely wondering what could the Llama Chasers and Timex have in common? Well at least 1 thing...

(Side Note: I had a much funnier write up here but my editor told me making fun of Rihanna and Chris Brown would be in bad taste. That is why you are stuck with this lame Timex reference)

Just like Timex we take a licking but keep on ticking. The team we were facing, Gunga Galunga, took no mercy on us. Kevin's 246 which included 7 strikes in a row(an Ultra Llama) and Tom's 2 turkey 223 meant nothing as Gunga Gallunga kept swinging away. Kevin, Tom, and myself were a combined 136 pins over average and we still took the loss.

Game 2 the beating continued as we had our worst game in months with all 5 Llama Chasers bowling under average. At this point things were not looking good but we knew a win in game 3 could help ease the pain.

Game 3 was a battle with us trailing most of the game. Needing a strong finish in the 10th frame we delivered. I bowled a strike and spare, Kevin closed out with a Llama and a 189, Tom marked, Andy closed out a huge game with a strike and spare to finish with a 237, and last but not least we needed a strike from Brick on his first ball in the 10th and that is exactly what he delivered. So we got a very important W which put us at 2-5 on the night and keeps us in hunt for the 2nd half title just 6 points back of 1st place AND...

We happen to bowl the 1st place team, Tops & Bottoms, tonight. Tops & Bottoms is actually the name of a local strip club with which the team is affiliated with. Unfortunately they don't usually bring the "talent" to watch them bowl. Hmmmm, doesn't a strip club bowling alley sound like a good idea!!

With only 3 weeks left in the season this is a must win week for us, so I can't wait to see all of our fans at the alley tonight!

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