Monday, March 18, 2013

Week 27 - Hangin' Tough

Llama Chaser Nation lets sing...

 Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh
Listen up everybody if you wanna take a chance
Just get on the floor and do the Llama Chaser dance
Don't worry about nothing cause it won't take long
We're gonna put you in a trance with the funky song
Cause you gotta be...
Hangin' tough

That's right Llama Chaser Nation just like my favorite boy band, NKOTB, we are Hangin' Tough!! With the season on the line against the 1st place Tops and Bottoms we came out of the gates firing. I was slaying Turkey's like it was my job including opening up the first game with a Turkey. I then dropped in 2 spares and then another Turkey and finished with a 218. Tom also came up huge in game 1 with a 71 pin over average 232 which included a Turkey and a Llama!! Brick also went over average with a 213 dropping in a Super Llama in the process.
Game 2 we let one slip away. I, as always, was very strong. Starting game 2 with another Turkey and also dropping in another on my way to a 223. Kevin had a solid 184, Tom an over-average 166, Andy recorded a Llama on his way to a 212, and Brick sent Geppetto flying again with another Super Llama finishing with a 227. We were all over average but it was not enough as we let Game 2 slip away.
I can't speak for everyone on this team but when I'm down and troubled and I need a helping hand, I don't turn to James Taylor, I turn to The New Kids on the Block!!! I close my eyes and sing...
Everybody's always talking about who's on top
Don't cross our paths cause you're gonna get stopped
We ain't gonna give anybody any slack
And if you try to keep us down we're gonna come right back
And you know it...
Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh x4
And then the last part I like to sing out loud...
Get loose everybody cause we're gonna do our thing
Cause you know it ain't over till the fat lady sings
Check it out...

Hangin' tough

With NKOTB running through our veins we would not be denied in Game 3. Kevin, dreaming of Joey McIntyre, dropped in a 238 which included a Super Llama. Andy, dreaming of a threesome with the Knight brothers, Jordan and Jonathan, rolled a 207 with a Turkey in the 10th frame. Brick, Tom, and myself dreamed about how disgusting Kevin and Andy are. But the bottom line was a victory in game 3 and a 5-2 record on the night.
Just 3 weeks left and we bowl 1st half champion Guess Whose Back tonight. It's do or die again for us but you all know that we will be...
Hangin Tough!!

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