Monday, March 25, 2013

Week 28 - March Madness

March Madness is upon us and I am not talking about the NCAA basketball tournament, I am talking about the chase for the 2nd half bowling title. The Llama Chasers are like Florida Gulf Coast from this year's NCAA tournament, they don't get to "the dance" often but they are making noise now that they are here. This is basically only our second time in Llama Chaser history that we have had something to bowl for in the month of March and we are making the most of our opportunity.

As you can see from the standings above we went 5-2 on the week and now stand at 54-30 in a 3 way tie for 2nd place and just 3 points out of 1st place.

The night did not start out good as all 5 of us bowled over average in the first game and we lost. I started out hot with 5 strikes and a spare through the first 6 frames but then ended with 3 opens in the final 4 frames. Brick and Andy both dropped in Llamas with a 205 and 213, respectively, to lead the way.

It was now or never time in Llama Chaser land as an 0-7 or 2-5 night would have essentially ended our title chances. With our backs against the wall Andy, Brick, and myself came up big. I started with an open but finished with 9 straight marks including a Llama for a 226. Andy had only 1 open as well on way to a 203 and Brick bowled a clean game with a Llama for a stellar 235. It was a close game but with all 5 Llama Chasers marking in the 10th frame we were able to pull out the victory.

Game 3 the Llama Chasers had the look of a championship contender(besides me with a 168). Kevin rolled a 213 which included only 1 open and a Llama. Tom was at 212 with Llama, 60 pins over average. Andy finished off a strong night adding in a Super Llama for a 227, 643 series. Brick came up huge with a clean game 256 mixing in 2 Llamas and ending just 4 pins shy of 700 with a 696. Brick had just 2 opens on the night and Andy had just 3!!

I also need to give a shout out to nice gentleman who works at the bowling alley, not sure if he wants his name mentioned so I won't. But this nice guy gave us 2 fine bottles of wine. Thank You! Some may tell you it led us to the 2 wins on the night and I would not disagree.
 The Llama Chasers don't always drink wine, but when we do we prefer Funky Llama!

So Llama Chaser Nation there are just 3 weeks left in the second half. The way this works is we bowl our scheduled opponent the next 2 weeks and then have a bowl off in week 3. So the 1st place team bowls the 2nd place team, 3rd vs. 4th. etc. The key is to be within 7 points of first or better to have a shot at the 2nd half title in the 3rd week. When we win that we will bowl Guess Whose Back for the 2012/2013 Championship. This week Gunga Galunga bowls guess whose back so if we take care of business we have a shot to be in first or maybe all alone in second.

I decided to add a new feature going forward...Llama Chaser of the Week. There are no strict guidelines for this award sometimes it may be the top bowler on the team or sometimes it may not. It pretty much will just be whoever I feel like giving it to so expect me to win it a lot.

Llama Chaser of the Week...Brick
On a night with our season on the line our top bowler delivered. With just 2 opens, 4 Llamas, and a 696 series let's all congratulate Brick as the first ever Llama Chaser of the Week!

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