Sunday, April 7, 2013

Week 29 - The Llamas' Chase Continues

With a log jam at the top of the standings it is very important to come out of each week with a winning record. We have been pretty good at that over the last 2 months but unfortunately so have the other 3 teams we are fighting it out with for first place.

The night began with Kevin choosing work over the most exciting Llama Chaser season of all time. I would like to say I am surprised but I am not. It's not like we ask much, he can sell a car 365 days a year. We simply ask him to not sell a car after 6pm on Mondays. Is that asking too much?

The Malatesta brothers came out of the gates on fire. Tom started with a spare and then a llama and finished with a clean game 226. Andy had just one open on his way to a 203. The problem was I bowled only 154 and Brick was at 176. Another problem was the other team went the eff off as we lost by over 100 pins.

Game 2 Tom started with a Turkey and bowled well again finishing with a 192. Andy continued his excellent bowling and again had only 1 open for an even 200. I struggled again but got up to 170. The good news is Brick was there to pick me and the Llama Chasers up with an amazing 259 which included a Llama and a Super Llama. We won game 2 and picked up some pins on total giving us a shot of 5 points on the night if we could win game 3.

Win is exactly what we did!! With all 4 Llama Chasers over average!! I rolled a Llama and finished with a 205. Tom had another nice game and ended with a 180. Andy failed to get to 200 but was only 3 pins off with a 197. Brick was stellar again! He started game 3 with a Turkey and closed with a Mega Llama for a 235. That all added up to a huge win in game 3 and we also took total pins for a 5-2 night.

It should be noted that after the 1st game we cracked open a bottle of Funky Llama wine. Not exactly sure what is in the wine, probably some sort of aged grapes and Llama sperm I would guess, but whatever it is I think our we have won all 6 games after we drank it. That begs the questions why don't we drink it before the 1st game? Good idea!!

So Llama Chaser Nation we are still in the thick of the pennant race. We are in a 3 way tie for second and sit just 3 points back of first place!! Hope to see you on the lanes!!

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