Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Week 8 2008-2009

Wow, this was an ugly week!! Let's get the 2 highlight out of the way...Bryan bowled a 156 the first game, his season high and Tom bowled a very nice 226 the last game. Other than that it was simply pathetic. Ryan continued his weeks of consistently bowling below average with 2 games in the 160's, and 1 game in the 170's. As I mentioned Bryan bowled his high game of 156, the crazy thing is he had a total of 8 after two frames. That was after a spectacular double gutter 2nd frame. Bryan wore the skirt the 1st game and Brick and Tom made a fantastic cheerleading team in the 2nd game following 1st game scores in the 130's. Kevin showed up for the 3rd game and bowled a 190. Geppetto was dropped off at Fort Bragg over the past weekend. Geppetto almost was unable to serve his country, while enjoying a round of golf before his deployment he was brutally attacked by a terrorist named Mike. Mike took a golf club and hit the Super Llama(from behind) as if he were a ball. From the sound of the attack it seemed Geppetto would be missing a leg or four or that he may have been decapitated. Amazingly Geppetto survived without any visible injuries. A full recovery is expected. Look for Geppetto's golf pictures on the web site very soon.

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