Sunday, April 3, 2011

Week 31 - Do you believe in miracles?

"I can almost see it, That dream I am dreaming" - Miley Cyrus

Let's look back on the year so we can look forward on the next three weeks.

In week 3 I began selling you "The Year of the Llama". Well I hope you bought because our stock has never been higher. With just 2 weeks left in the second half we are in the championship hunt and control our on destiny, well sort of.

Focus - 67 points

Tops and Bottoms - 61 points

Llama Chasers - 60 points

We simply need to win all 7 tonight and have Tops and Bottoms lose 1 game and we will control our own destiny. Even if they win all 7 we still have a chance but will look more into that next week.

As I told you in week 6 - "The Climb" it "Ain't about how fast I get there, Ain't about what's waiting on the other side, It's the climb, yeah!" The Llamas are almost at the top of this mountain.

In week 8 - "There is no W in Llama" I touched on the struggles we were going through and how they could make us stronger in the long run. That this is a team effort and we needed to come together.

In week 9 - "The Cat in the Hat" I simply just dropped some dope ass rhymes on you.

In week 10 - "Carrie Underwood" I told you all you ever needed to know about Kevin and his dedication to the Llama Chasers.(What has happened over the last several weeks should have come as no surprise to us)

Week 15- "Giant Killers" talked about how we helped Moose's team get a chance at winning a championship, the same chance team "Showtime" gave a last week by taking 7 from "Focus".

Week 19 - "Triplicate and Slump Busters" I asked Llama Chaser Nation for a favor and you delivered and turned around our season. You will notice from the scores the last few weeks that Brandon and Brick tied up the Slumpbuster and locked her in a closet. They have "used " her very effectively recently. I just wish they would introduce me to her, with my struggles of late.

Week 24 - "Llama said Knock you Out!" was simply recapping our second half tear. Which lead to Week 25 - "The St. Valentine's Day Massacre" and every team in the league now knew the Llama Chasers were for real.

Nobody will forget week 26- "Et tu, Monte?" where one of our own tried to kill us. In a sick twist of fate this week Monte's team bowls the team 1 point ahead of us. He has the ability to allow us to truly control our own fate.

Week 28 -"Kevin hates you" which unfortunately is still true. Kevin missed bowling last week again. At this point we may not even give him a championship ring when we win it.

Week 30- "Cinderella" spoke about our beatiful princess Brandon who has blossomed into quite the bowler over the last few weeks and posted some of the best series on team history.

So you can see the entire season has brought us to this point. Brandon bowled an amazing 705 series last week with a number of Llamas. Brick bowled stellar as well with a 678 series and Tom dropped in a solid 573. Ryan gave some kick ass moral support and he bowled a 484 series. And as I mentioned Kevin likes cars and could give 2 sh!ts about Llamas or chasing Llamas.

Llama Chaser Nation do you believe in miracles? I DO!

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