Monday, April 18, 2011

Week 33- The "It" Factor

These ladies have "It".

This Douche has "It."

Bruno Mars has a nice head of hair and he has "It".

This guy HAD "It".

You can tell just by looking at this guy that he has "It".

Same with this guy, he's got "It" too!

You know how I know these people have "It" because under google images I typed in "The It Factor" and all of their pictures came up.

One man on the Llama Chasers actually has "It" as well. You probably already know but in case you don't let me give you a few hints.

-This bowler is stunningly handsome, is an excellent bowler, and looks very nice in a skirt. (The stunningly handsome really only leaves one man but I will continue for fun.)

-This bowler takes the Geppetto on vacations and actually takes him out of the suitcase.(Sorry Tom, you are not the bowler that has "It".)

-This bowler actually cares about the Llama Chasers, he would rather be at bowling helping his team win than selling cars. .(Sorry Kevin, you are not the bowler that has "It".)

-This bowler believes in a higher power but wouldn't skip bowling to attend a function put on by the lord. God loves bowling and so does this Llama Chaser. .(Sorry Brandon, you are not the bowler that has "It".)

-This bowler believes in love, as Huey Lewis tells us "The power of love is a curious thing/Make a one man weep, make another man quit the bowling team and move to Kent." Love is beautiful, just not on Monday night's during bowling season. .(Sorry Brick, you are not the bowler that has "It".)

This bowler gets Triplicates like it's his job, he glows in a skirt like no other, his legs are long and sexy, his breasts are supple, he has been compared to Walter Ray Williams on the lanes, the bowler with "It" is none other than...

Let me tell you quickly how I got in that skirt. I threw out the idea of let's have whoever bowls the worst each game put the skirt on, pay double fines and add to the kitty since we only have 2 weeks left. You would of thought I asked everybody to bowl naked the rest of the night. Brick especially that it was a horrendous idea, this is the same Brick who has by far the best average on the team. The others weren't too excited about the idea either. But I used my charm and talked them into it. Well after the 1st game Brandon was the worst, did he wear the skirt? Of course not since he said we decided in the middle of the game. Well then my dumbass went out and bowled a 138 in game 2. The good news is we decided if anyone actually bowled below their skirt average they had to pay quadruple fines instead of double. It gets even better. After pumping in like $12 I bowl a 134 to be lucky enough to wear it the 1st game this week and pay quadruple fines again. All I can say is that if there is a higher power Brandon, Brick, and Tom will each get to experience quadruple pay tonight.

On the night we actually went 5-2 on ended up in a tie for 2nd place on the second half. This was by far our best season ever and hopefully is a preview of things to come.

I could tell you how each of my teammates bowled but you don't care and neither do I.

Just one fun night left of bowling! See you at the lanes.

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