Monday, September 19, 2011

Week 2 - Tom, WTF?

Week 2 of bowling was August 29th, 21 days ago. You are likely wondering where the heck is the recap, well I am too. I, Ryan, was actually out of town for work(In Section 4, Article 3 of the Llama Chasers by-laws you will read "Excused Absences for the Llama Chasers" it states "Ryan, and only Ryan, is allowed to miss bowling for work related reasons.") So yes it was an excused absence.

So our good friend Tom was supposed to write the recap. I wasn't expecting the recap to be written in the next 24 hours but was the next 21 days asking too much. The funny thing is Tom had the brilliant idea of having a "guest" writer write the recap once per month. Meaning one month Brick does one recap, the next month Brandon does one, etc. I am all for this idea but if it takes Tom 21 days to NOT write a recap how long would it take the others to come up with something. When it comes to smart, funny, handsome writers on the Llama Chaser team let me just tell you it is a lonely group of 1.

So I don't really know much of what happened on the lanes, I know went 2-5. I know Kevin had a great game of like 266 or so. I know Tom had a 278 game. I know Brandon scored a combined 278 in his first 2 games which is very funny.

Who knows maybe Tom will fill in the blanks on week 2 but Llama Chaser Nation please don't hold your breath.

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