Monday, September 26, 2011

Week 4 - Mr. Clean

Llama Chaser Nation we are back! For the first time this year we took all 3 games and thing are looking up as we are now 12-16 on the season. Ryan, Brick and Tom were all on fire with a combined 4 open frames ON THE NIGHT. That is 90 frames total and we marked in 86 of them which is quite likely our best effort ever from 3 players. Kevin and Brandon were actually there too and they did bowl, just not that well. Kevin did start strong with a 201 in the first game which included a Super Llama, then a solid 178 second game, before he ran out of steam for a 144 in the 3rd game. Brandon's struggles continued for the first 2 games of the week with a 158 and 147 but he did help out in the 3rd game with a solid 225 and his first llama on the season. Brick came out a little slow with a 182 but then threw down a huge 268, it was a spare in the fifth frame that ended his shot at perfection but it was still a very solid 2 llama game. In the 3rd game he threw a respectable, but I think under average, 207. Ryan had one of his best series ever with only 2 opens on the night, both of which came on 2 horse sh!t, in the pocket, 7/10 splits. He went 236, 195, 224 for a 655 which may be his second best series ever(for sure in the top 5). That was all nice but this recap is all about Mr. Clean, Tom. In case you a not a die hard bowler when a bowler marks in all 10 frames it is called a clean game. It's not that uncommon for one of us to get one of those on the night. What is extremely uncommon is for 1 bowler to bowl all 3 games with no opens which is exactly what Tom did on the night. I haven't looked back at the last 10 years of stats but it may be the first time this has happened in Llama Chaser history! Brick may have done it before but with no proof I am saying this was the first. Maybe even more unbelievable is Tom now has 7 clean games out of the 11 games he has bowled this season, which is remarkable! To put this in perspective over the last 3 years Tom's total clean games in a season are 8 ('08/'09), 3 ('09/'10), and 9 ('10/'11). The most clean games by any Llama Chaser in a year over the past 3 seaons is 16 by Brick last year. 7 clean games in the first 11 is simply amazing. Tom's average is now 209. I would love to tell you what a great season this shows Tom is going to have but I am quite certain all it means is we will be seeing him in the skirt very, very soon! And I can' wait!

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