Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Llama Chasers Chicago Week 1 - The Ever-Elusive Llama

(Editor's Note: As the Llama Chasers begin our journey to dominate the globe we would like to introduce you to Llama Chasers Chicago. A few years back Llama Chaser Brian moved to Chicago, many people wondered why,this is the reason. It took a few years of scouting Chicago's talent but Brian believes he found the perfect team, they may suck at bowling but their love of llamas is unquestioned. So below Llama Chaser Brian brings you week 1 of Llama Chasers Chicago.)

Well the Llama Chasers West made their inauspicious debut last Thursday night at Diversey River Bowl in Chicago. Technically this team is called Mindspare for at one point, it was a work team for the company Mindshare. But Llama Chaser Brian has made sure the goals are crystal clear--hunting and gathering Llamas, as many as possible.

Unlike in Cleveland, llamas are not plentiful in the mean streets of Chicago. "Llama Chaser" Brian is quite a misnomer, as he gathered approximately zero llamas last year. To add to the insult, non-bowler and soon to be Mrs. Llama Chaser Abby showed up last year and threw strikes in her second, third, fourth, and fifth frames to earn a llama almost immediately.

This week was no exception, not a llama in sight. I'm not even sure it was turkey hunting season. Saldie, resident bowling expert, who is still recovering from ACL surgery, put up his normal high numbers, but couldn't corral a furry friend. Or a llama. The night was taut with intrigue, as Mindspare lost handily the first game, and then won the second game by about 300 pins. The last game looked like it was coming down to the wire. Despite having a pre-bowler factored in, the two teams battled to a dead even tie with two bowlers to go in the tenth frame. Jason, despite being off his game all night, and Saldie managed to put up just enough pins to ensure victory...

...or so it appeared. But as it happens in the first week, the handicaps were yet to be factored in, and at the end of the night, apparently that third game was lost. 3 points on the week. Only a couple good games bowled, Saldie put up a scalding 189 one game, and Brian, true to form, put up both a 179 and a 114. Better things sure to come.

Highlight of the night, the 100 oz beer tube with a kick-ass bowling alley base, complete with lane arrows and dots, and real gutters. Nice.

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