Monday, October 17, 2011

Lonely Bowling in Chicago - Week 3

Well sorry for the week off from reporting, as so-called "Llama Chaser Brian" missed last week in Chicago. The llama chaser nickname is quite a misnomer because he can't get close enough to a llama to smell one these days. In fact, if things don't change, Brian won't even have Turkey for Thanksgiving, he'll be eating ribs or a Spam sandwich or something.

This week was out of the ordinary as well. Three of the five bowlers had to pre-bowl this week, meaning only Jason and Brian were at Diversey River Bowl (or Diversey Rock'n'Bowl, it seems to have two names) on Thursday night. In pre-bowling, Sanjay did quite well, putting up a 146 average. Colleen also bowled 20 pins over average for the night (of course, she's recovering from a nightmarish start to the season.)  But most noteable, the resident bowling stud and sole Llama hunter on the "Mindspare" team, Saldie, was off his "a" game in pre-bowling, averaging 141 over three games, a full 20 pins UNDER average. Maybe he missed the 100 oz beer, it might be his secret power. We will test that theory next week.

So that leaves just Jason and Brian to bowl against the mis-named "Strikeologists". Fortunately, your central time zone Llama Chasers did okay. Brian managed to put together a few marks in a row, although still no turkeys, and continued to raise his average. Jason, on the other hand, is also out to a horrendous start. Fortunately for him, he just bought a shiny new ball, bag, and pair of shoes, so once he learns to harness the power of the green ball (we're taking nickname submissions now), he's sure to be riding his captured llamas all over his beloved home state of Texas.

The two of them managed to avoid being intimidated by the five thugs on the other side of the table, and despite Jason's lackluster efforts denting the beer pitchers, Llama Chasers Chicago managed to win all 7, pulling into a tie for third place, four points behind first.

The secret might have the amazing new Llama Chasers jerseys that were so graciously given to Brian and future Mrs. Brian on the recent trip to Las Vegas. No Llamas were caught yet, but soon enough. Soon enough.

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