Monday, October 24, 2011

Week 7 - A Tie? WTF!


It is often said that a tie is like kissing your sister. I wouldn't know because I have never done that. I know most of Llama Chaser Nation is thinking "Ask Brick or Tom, they probably have". I would agree, they are the type that would, but neither of them has a sister. What happened this week is a first in Llama Chaser history, we tied for total pins on the night. So with nearly 3000 pins racked up on the night we finshed dead even for total. If only Tom, Brick, Kevin, or Brandon could have knocked down one more pin on the night! I had given all I had so don't look at me, my 185, 136, 147 is more than should be expected on the day I returned from Las Vegas.

Let's see were we could maybe have found that extra pin...

Tom had a very solid game 1 with a 217 but is it too much to ask for you to have picked up that single pin spare in the 8th frame? Or how about Game 2 when you finished with a 190 and had an open on the 10th frame? Game 3 you bowled a 228 which looks very good on the surface but as we look deeper we see a 7/spare, 7/spare, 7 spare in the 2nd, 3rd, and fourth frame. Had you simply made one of those an 8 we would not have to look at that hideous picture above.

Kevin had a 174 the first game but would it have killed him to get a 175 How about the single pin spare you choked on in the 2nd frame, would have been nice to have that pin. Game 2 you finished with a 173, I wish we could have back that 8/open in the first frame. Game 3 Kevin manned up for a 158, which included 9 first ball nines. How about mixing in a strike every once in a while. Had you done that just once out of those 9 times we wouldn't be having this conversation.

Brandon had a 168 in the first game. That 7/1 second frame cost us winning total but don't worry you got your average. You may think that 201 second game got you off the hook but we can't afford the 8/1 third frame you had when we are trying win a championship. How is the 8/open 10th frame in the 3rd game feel now? We normally prefer you to mark in the 10th frame of a pivotal game but heck we would have settled for a simple 9 but you couldn't even manage that.

Brick bowled a 237, 193, and 201. Looks nice until I tell you his average was about 210. It's kind of hard to find fault in a 237 game but I did. How about the ever illusive Llama you had in the 4th frame, 9/spares may cut it every once in a while but not when you are trying to chase down a Llama. Not sure if there was something in the water tonight but in game 2 you decided to jump on Tom's 7/spare bandwagon and dropped in 2 of them.,an 8 spare would have made us 5-2 on the night, it must be tough to sleep at night knowing that. Game 3 you followed Brandon's lead and went 8/open in the 10th frame, I'm not going to say you were the reason we lost total on the night but Brandon, Tom, and Kevin said that.

All that added up to us going 4.5-2.5 on the night and if it wasn't for Ryan battling through the Vegas hangover it could have been much worse.

See you on the lanes Llama Chaser Nation! I promise Brick, Brandon, Tom, and Kevin will be a little more focused in the weeks to come.

Editor's note: I mistakenly used week 6 stats for this recap. The good news is the jist of the story is still true. There was still plenty of opportunities for Brandon, Kevin, Tom, and Brick to pick up an additional pin. I should also note the Brick dropped in a spectacular 703 series which included a 233 and a 264, and he bowled 3 llamas!!

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