Friday, November 2, 2012

Week 10 - Next Time Please Use Vaseline

It wasn't easy, but we finally did it. After 3 plus weeks which included a Llama Chaser record 11 straight losses and 0-25 in the standings we finally won a game. The league finally showed us a little mercy. I know we can get over the physical abuse we took, I just hope the emotional baggage isn't too much.

Game 1 started with Brick, Tom, and Kevin all in skirts. Brick didn't like his skirt much so he bowled a 222 to get out of it. Tom and Kevin have grown quite attached to the skirts over the last few weeks that they decided to bowl under average and keep them on. I struggled bowling with a boner(it happens...especially when you are staring at naked men cards and 3 men in skirts) and ended with a 146 which allowed me to get in a skirt for game 2. Brick bowled a solid 222 but blew a save in the 10th inning errr frame when he opened and we lost by 5 pins.

So Game 2 started with Ryan, Tom, and Kevin all in skirts. This game strongly resembled game 1. I, however, did get over average with a 190. Andy was over average again, Tom and Kevin were under again, Brick bowled a 222 again and opened in the 10th again with a chance to close out the game. Game 2 was another loss.

For the record I would blame games 1 and 2 on Tom and Kevin. You could also blame me for Game 1 but I wouldn't. I tried hard! I think the reason Kevin and Tom bowled so bad is because they went practice bowling with Brick on Friday night. It was obvious they were tired and sore.

Game 3 is when the magic finally happened. Legend has it that it was the magic bottle of wine that Andy opened in the 3rd frame. Llama Chaser groupie/bartender Michelle was nice enough to buy the Llama Chasers a bottle of wine called the "Funky Llama". It was given to us a few weeks back and we had no intentions of opening anytime soon, we thought we would let it age for a few years. But Andy pretty much grabbed it and said screw it and apparently it wasn't wine, it was a magic winning potion. We never looked back...Brick, Ryan, Andy, and Kevin were all over average and we cruised to victory and even took total pins on the night. Tom once again bowled under average and will be in the skirt for I think the 5th consecutive game and like the last 6 out of 8.

Brick had an amazing night on the lanes he struck in frames 2-7 in all 3 games, 3 Ultra-Llamas! He had a 222, 222, 246 - 690 series.

Andy was over average all 3 games and added 1 more llama to his resume.

The naked men cards will be heading back to the locker. In case you don't remember they come out when we lose all 3 games in a week and stay out until we win 1 game. Usually they stick around for a game or 2 but this time they stayed around for a record 9 straight games. I will miss them but I hope they stay in the locker the rest of the year...who know I may even bring them home for some fun on the weekends.

So the Llama Chaser massacre is over!! We now stand at 23-47. There may not be enough time to get back in the race for the first half title but I assure you we will be a force to be reckoned with in the second half!! MMMMMMMBBBBBAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Last but not least I want to thank the 5 people that read this, you are my inspiration!!

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