Thursday, November 29, 2012

Weeks 11-13 - Llama Droppings

I have fallen way back on recaps so let me get Llama Chaser Nation quicky up to date...

Week 11 - I think we went 7-0 Tom had a nice 220 in game 1, Brick had a solid 225 in game 2, and Ryan led the way in game 3 with a 188. If I remember correctly we didn't bowl great but we finally had a team bowl bad against us. It was a nice change of pace. Tom and Ryan traded spots in the rotation with Ryan batting lead off and Tom bowling 3rd.

Week 12 - Tom showed us a sign of things to come with a smooth 110 in game 1, Brick and Andy bowled matching 214's in game 2, Kevin skipped the first 2 games and we wished he missed all 3 with his 144 showing in game 3. Also, in game 3 Andy dropped in a 213 and Brick finished with a 236 which gave him a nice 654 series. We went like 5-2 on the night.

Week 13 - We got crushed in game 1, thanks in part to Tom's 127 and Kevin not showing up for games 1 and 2. Game 2 we did the crushing with one of our best games ever!!! Ryan had a 238 which included a Mega-Llama. Tom had a 221. Andy had a superb 266, and Brick rolled a 237. Andy started the game with 7 strikes in a row and Brick started with the first 6. Our total for Game 2 currently ranks as the 2nd highest Team Handicap Total for the year. Unfortunately in game 3 we got crushed again Ryan, Andy, and Brick were all over average but Tom struggled with a 117. He had a very consistent(or not) 127, 221, 117 night. We ended up 2-5 on the night.

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