Thursday, September 12, 2013

Week 1 - Llamapalooza

Llama Chaser Nation we are finally back!!! Let's just say we started off with a MMMMBBBAAAHHHH!!!!

Game 1 looked like many games will likely look this year. 1 bad bowler, 3 bowlers around average, and 1 great bowler. Well I(Ryan) unfortunately wore the hat and skirt(penalty owed from last year) of the bad bowler starting off the new campaign with a dreadful 148. I was open 4 out of the first 5 frames and had a 53 in the 5th frame, so I was happy to get to 148. Kevin, Tom, and Andy were all around average. Kevin rolled a 173, just 2 missed single pin spares kept him from a clean game. Tom, fresh off a stellar 164 average last year, looks like he may be returning to 190 average Tom. He started with 2 strikes and bowled a 186. Andy started off good as well with just 2 opens and a 195. Brick started the year off great with a Turkey and a Llama adding up to a 232 in game 1 and leading us to a victory.

The came Llamapalooza...and the greatest game in Llama Chaser HISTORY!!

I bowled 9 strikes including a Turkey and a Llama and ended with 218.
Kevin bowled 9 strikes including a Turkey and a Llama and ended with 236.
Tom bowled 10 strikes including a Llama and an Ultra Llama and ended with a 267.
Andy bowled 8 strikes including an Ultra Llama and ended with 226.
Brick bowled 9 strikes including a Double Llama and ended with a 269.

In game 2...
Out of a possible 60 strikes as a team we bowled 45.
We had only 4 open frames as a team, I had 4 opens in the first 5 frames in game 1 alone.
We set what we believe to be a team record of 15 strikes in a row between frames 4-7, WE THEN BROKE THAT RECORD in frames 8-10 with 16 strikes in a row.
Every Llama Chaser had a Llama, which we believe is the first this ever happened in the same game.
Bill and Monte(on the team we bowled against) cried because we beat them so bad.
We bowled a scratch game of 1216!!!

I hadn't had this much fun at bowling since this cold March night back in 2009...

Not gonna lie Game 3 was kind of an afterthought after Game 2. We still destroyed the opposition but it wasn't nearly as amazing as game 2. I bowled a 195, Kevin rolled a 204, Tom was at 178, Andy 225, and Brick with 200.

On the night Ryan had 1 Llama, Kevin 2 Llamas, Tom 2 Llamas, Andy 2 Llamas, and the Llama King Brick had a whopping 4 Llamas!!!!! Brick finished with a 701 series!!!

As you can see from the picture up above Tom won the Star Llama Chaser Bowler of the Week for week 1. Andy took the summer off from work to make that bad boy. I will get some better pictures for you to see but it includes a star fish on top, and eagle, a bottle opener, and all sorts of fun stuff. Tom won this award for bowling his first 600 series in over a year. That's right Tom, a 195 bowler 2 years ago, did not have one 600 series in the 2012/13 season. That folks is hard to do. So please congratulate Tom when you see him as the first ever Star Llama Chaser Bowler of the Week!!!!

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